Technical working group on the transition from existing metadata templates to HealthDCAT-AP – Working group minutes

WP6 - Metadata standards

WP6 aims to design the HealthDCAT Application Profile, a key objective within the HealthData@EU pilot project. To achieve this, a Technical Working Group (TWG) was established, holding bi-monthly sessions from June to December 2023.

Comprising approximately 80 participants, including HealthData@EU pilot consortium representatives and external health stakeholders, the TWG convened to provide essential support. Across 12 sessions, discussions centred on determining the properties crucial for enhancing health data description and ensuring interoperability of metadata catalogues within the HealthData@EU infrastructure.

The TWG’s activities started with two foundational sessions led by EC DIGIT’s Unit B2, succeeded by 10 sessions led by Sciensano [link]. Each session, focused on specific EU Survey forms, facilitated structured discussions. These surveys, open for 10 days, garnered extensive input, meticulously reviewed for insights shared in subsequent TWG meetings.

For further details, refer to the minutes of the Technical Working group, available here.